After Mary and I went our separate ways, Mary to Australia and me to Delhi I was very happy to meet up with my friend and cricket guru, Rajesh Kumar, who has done so much for me. It was very nice to meet up with my web designer, Karamjeet Singh, who has been excellent. ( I would like to point out that Karamjeet put this on the website but they are entirely my words!).
With my friend Rajesh Kumar and web designer, Karamjeet Singh
I was also lucky and very pleased to meet my friend and former Indian international cricketer, Sanjeev Sharma, who kindly arranged a ticket for me in Feroz Shah Kotla’s excellent North stand which has stunning views looking down the pitch. India overcame Netherlands but not without a blip and it was enjoyable. Security at cricket matches is always extremely tight and there is little which you can take in: I think mobile phones are allowed but cameras certainly aren’t and I had to politely say at two check points that suntan cream wasn’t going to harm anyone and walk on as confidently as possible and hope that they wouldn’t get funny. It worked. Overall, I must say that the system worked well but it can take time to get in to the matches.
My bargaining skills will never be as good as Rajesh’s but I had a good shop in West Delhi’s Jwala Heri market. I have had a suit and jacket made there but settled for shirts and kurtas this time. The excellent and new Neptune Hotel in Paschim Vihar where I stayed has very friendly staff and televisions in the rooms and at least none of the matches which I watched there were close enough to make me frantic so I gave myself a rest.
The Afghani chicken stall, Paschim Vihar, Delhi
The Neptune Residency, Paschim Vihar, Delhi (
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